CamCleaner donation to hospital to improve indoor air quality

Camfil Ireland has donated a CamCleaner 800 to the Temple Street hospital in Ireland.  The patented air cleaner from the world’s leading air filtration specialist will help improve indoor air quality in the hospital.

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Download CamCleaner 800 hospital Case Study here.

The CamCleaner 800 is an air purification unit that is being used in hospitals around Ireland to help protect patients’ health. The CamCleaner is a unique air purifier, with its patented double air intake design, low noise levels and HEPA filtration the CamCleaner is designed to help improve indoor air quality to very high standards.

Suggested areas of use in the Hospital are the new Cystic Fibrosis Unit and any other areas that may be subject to ingress of particles. The Camcleaner will result in further Patient and Staff protection from harmful airborne particles. Temple Street already use high quality Air Filters in their HVAC Systems supplied by Camfil and implement a strict program of maintenance to ensure the highest quality of indoor air available. Continue reading

Clean air gains momentum in the European political arena

Last year Camfil Farr started to develop a dialogue with stakeholders involved in the policy-making process in Europe, including Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), expert groups mandated for developing new regulations for the energy efficiency of ventilation systems, and policymakers from the European Commission and government agencies.

The objective is to share Camfil Farr’s expertise on the best available technology for air filtration and the options for ensuring that indoor air quality (IAQ) and public health will not be compromised by the next set of European regulations for the energy efficiency of buildings and ventilation systems.

Another purpose is to encourage debates and build awareness of how low-energy air filtration solutions can play a key role in reducing the energy consumption of buildings while also improving IAQ and impacting both sustainability and human health positively.

EU policymakers have long focused on the quality of outdoor air, drawing up strategies and targets for reducing harmful emissions of pollutants from cars and heavy industries.

However, a recent EU-funded research project found that levels of many harmful air pollutants are higher indoors than outdoors.

And while EU rules are patchy, Europeans have been growing into an increasingly sedentary people, spending on average 90% of their time indoors. Continue reading