Camfil join in at Green Week 2013: “There is only one air: better indoor air for better health”

Sustainable Development Manager at Camfil, Myriam Tryjefaczka, participated in the Indoor Air Quality “There is only one air: better indoor air for better health” session at Green Week, where she called upon the EU policymakers to step up and harmonise legislation on Indoor Air Quality across Europe.


This year’s Green Week, the biggest annual conference on European environmental policy, was dedicated to Air Quality, as 2013 has been designated European Year of Air. A comprehensive review of EU air policy is scheduled to take place in fall 2013.

In her presentation, Ms Tryjefaczka referred to the tangible benefits of tackling indoor air pollution in terms of health, productivity and energy efficiency given that the indoor environment, where Europeans spend 90% of their time, can be up to 50 times more polluted than outdoors. She also pointed out that ventilation systems, with adequate design and maintenance, can reduce people exposure to indoor air pollution.

Ms Tryjefaczka stressed that:

“2013 is the EU Year or Air and therefore an opportunity to create a better environment for EU citizens, not only outdoors, but also indoors”. Continue reading

Why Indoor Air Quality is important for personal health

Article by Peter Dyment, Energy Consultant, Camfil Farr

 Indoor Air Quality Air Pollution

I am like almost any other person on this planet. My aim is to live as long as possible and keep myself in good health for as long as I can.  So it came as a bit of a shock to discover that I could lose years off my life and many more years of healthy living and a good quality of life. How can this be? After all I live in modern industrial country with a high standard of living and medical care.

Modern living in cities and industrial areas turns out to be the source of the problem. Air pollution is not just on the outside, but also indoors where we work and at home. So what can I do to stop my health being damaged?

First of all I need to understand the problem. This is the gist of it.  We all have to breathe air to live. The air we breathe is mainly indoor air because we spend up to 90% of our time inside buildings according to recent studies.  The air inside buildings where we live and work should be clean and free from air pollution but often it turns out to carry a toxic mixture of traffic exhaust gases and fine dust particles coming in from the outside and from the inside bacteria with moulds, fungal spores and other small organic bodies and parasites.

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