Improve indoor air quality and reap quick wins for energy savings – Whitepaper

We have published an informative White Paper highlighting the opportunities that arise from choosing effective air filtration systems within non-domestic buildings. To find out how the indoor air quality within your organisation can be improved  whilst delivering significant energy savings, download the White Paper here.

Whitepaper cover

Many multi-site organisations and Estates Departments at larger organisations are committed to developing and implementing energy plans, involving strategy and policy on energy and sustainability. One of the main aims of these plans is to strive to balance the key principles, those of sustainability, financial viability, environmental enhancement and social responsibility.

We can demonstrate through a number of high profile installations, how air filters directly influence energy consumption within air handling units that heat, cool and clean the air of approximately 200,000 air conditioned buildings in the UK.

The White Paper, called ‘Quick wins for energy savings in buildings: Choosing low energy air filters for both optimised energy performance and indoor air quality’ addresses the challenge that all industry sectors are facing when it comes to the energy efficiency of their building stock.

The Federation of European Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Associations have estimated that within the EU alone there is a potential annual saving of 5TWh available by switching to Low Energy Air Filters. This would equate up to £500 million energy saving in the UK.

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Camfil to present on Indoor Air Quality at Ecobuild

Peter Dyment the Technical Manager and Air Quality and Building Energy Consultant from Camfil is hosting a seminar at Ecobuild 2014, the world’s leading event for sustainable design, construction, energy and the built environment.


Ecobuild 2014 will take place at the ExCel in London from 4th to 6th March 2014.  It presents the entire spectrum of sustainable construction products for new build and refurbishment of residential, commercial and industrial building projects. Peter’s Seminar is titled Ventilation, air cleaning and indoor air quality and takes place on Wednesday 5 March 2014 from 16.30 – 18.00.

The Seminar will take place in the ‘Green Energy’ zone and will include content on the cost effective provision of low and zero carbon energy in buildings, including cost effective ways of meeting the new regulations and getting the balance right between fabric and renewable energy technologies.

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BSRIA Indoor Air Quality Event

 The issue of Indoor Air Quality has been gradually rising in the public consciousness alongside that of city outside air pollution over the last few years. BSRIA should be praised for their presence of mind in holding this timely IAQ themed event last week in London.


Article by Peter Dyment, Buildings IAQ and Energy Consultant – Camfil Ltd

The event called ‘Indoor Air Quality – must we live with problems?’ was aimed at anyone involved in the air quality arena including all designers, as well as controls companies, contractors, ventilation suppliers and those involved in regulation in the industry.   School children fall asleep in class and mould grows on the bathroom walls.

Buildings are getting more air tight, the VOCs in a new building are significant but ventilation systems are not coping.  The first half of the event the panel examined the problem, and the second half centred around investigating possible actions for the industry, for government and for BSRIA.

The event speakers shared some of the results from the Building Performance Evaluation programme of the Technology Strategy Board, covering both dwellings and non-domestic buildings.

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