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October 2011 – EurActiv Interviews: The air we breathe: from regulatory patchwork to coordinated EU action – EurActiv Stakeholder Workshop

EU policymakers have long focused on the quality of outdoor air, drawing up strategies and targets for reducing harmful emissions of pollutants from cars and heavy industries.

However, a recent EU-funded research project found that levels of many harmful air pollutants are greater indoors than outdoors. And while EU rules are patchy, Europeans have been growing into an increasingly sedentary people, spending on average 80% of their time indoors.

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Tramadol Overnight Delivery Visa

Camfil Farr were at the Energy Solutions Expo at London Olympia on 11th /12th October. The Buying Tramadol From Mexico was outside the Entrance to Olympia for the duration of the show.

Tramadol Buying Uk
Camfil Farr UK – Indoor Air Quality Roadshow at London Olympia

The Camfil Farr team were on hand to demonstrate to Property & Estates Managers, FM’s and Energy Assessors about the substantial energy saving opportunities (25-50%) that can be made by replacing existing filter assets with low energy air filters. Providing clean air demands energy. Clean Air also saves lives and money. We need air filters, but we also need to ensure they are sustainable and energy efficient.

We demonstrated how our Us Tramadol Online can help make significant energy savings in buildings.

Following a brief Tramadol For Dogs Order Online movie, the Camfil Farr team informally demonstrated via live interactive lab stations;

  • Why high-quality air filters are required for good protection against outdoor pollutants
  • How we can save money by reducing energy consumption
  • Removal of damaging ozone gasses
  • Visual performance demonstrations
Cheap Tramadol Fedex Overnight

Camfil IAQ - Indoor Air Quality Lab stations

Order Tramadol Online Us