New Air Cleaner website to showcase our range of products

Here at Camfil UK we have launched a new Air Cleaner website to showcase our range of products for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

The new site is dedicated to the CamCleaner which is a range of patented air cleaners with the most efficient HEPA filters on the market. They are designed to work as a supplement to existing ventilation systems or as a stand-alone air cleaner where no HVAC systems are in place. They deliver reduced energy costs, more efficient production and a healthier work environment with less dust and fewer harmful particles.

CamCleaners provide a number of health benefits and advantages including:

  • Healthier employees
  • Less cleaning
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Clean products, fewer operational disruptions

The informative new portal will provide our subscribers with the freshest insights and unlimited access to exclusive content including; datasheets; thought leadership pieces; industry news articles; whitepapers and case studies.

Users can subscribe to the Air Cleaner site to receive updates via email here. Continue reading

Air Purification At Princess Alexandra Hospital Microbiology Laboratory

Camfil was asked to take readings of the levels of airborne particles in the microbiology laboratory facility which was located in a satellite building at princess Alexandra hospital – Harlow.

Alexander HospitalMany laboratory facilities in hospitals are situated in remote and detached locations to ensure more effective containment of contamination risk. These locations are often inadequately served by the centralised HVAC system.

There were concerns that there were contamination risks as hospital staff were being exposed to high levels of airborne particles and aerosols from medical pharma
compounds and possible exposure to airborne bioparticles.

The initial ambient air results did show that the concentration levels of airborne particles were higher than they should be because that the laboratory was being used to mix powdered medical preparations. There were also complaints about the frequent odours from liquid preparations and chemicals being used.

A CamCleaner unit was installed that had HEPA particle filtration and also gas molecular filtration for removal of noxious gases and odours. Continue reading

Camfil CamCleaner City Air Purifier – Meeting Room Performance Test

Meetings can be quite lengthy and when a number of people are situated in a relative small space it can become stuffy and uncomfortable, especially if the ventilation air change rate and air filtration are less than needed.Meeting room performance

At a recent regional Sales meeting we decided to put our new Camcleaner City air purifier to the test. It is equally good at removing particles or gas contaminants from the air. We used an TSI Aerotrak 9306V2 particle counter to take measurements before, during and after the meeting. It was noticed the air felt fresher and people were able to concentrate with greater ease. See the results below prove performance.H10 meeting room

Particles of 0.3 to 0.5 micron diameter are measured because they can penetrate deep into the lungs when inhaled because of their small size. Continue reading