The Solution to Pollutants

The Camfil Group is a world leader in the development and production of air filters and clean air solutions. We manufacture and supply products that satisfy all the demands at airports to control particulate and molecular pollutants. These products also satisfy the recommendations of EN13779.

The European standard EN 13779:2007 focuses on achieving a comfortable and healthy indoor environment in all seasons with acceptable installation and running costs. It is now a national standard in all countries. It specifies the required filter performance in a system to achieve good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) taking into consideration the outdoor air.

The Solution to PollutantsVarious solutions are available depending on the extent of the pollution problem. Molecular filtration may be applied in either the fresh air make-up or recirculation air systems.

Solutions for makeup air are preferred since the principal sources of pollutant are external. These tend to be more heavy duty and reflect the high pollutant concentrations and one-pass operation. Solutions for recirculation applications reflect lower ambient concentrations and multi-pass operation. Continue reading

Camfil CamCleaner City Air Purifier – Meeting Room Performance Test

Meetings can be quite lengthy and when a number of people are situated in a relative small space it can become stuffy and uncomfortable, especially if the ventilation air change rate and air filtration are less than needed.Meeting room performance

At a recent regional Sales meeting we decided to put our new Camcleaner City air purifier to the test. It is equally good at removing particles or gas contaminants from the air. We used an TSI Aerotrak 9306V2 particle counter to take measurements before, during and after the meeting. It was noticed the air felt fresher and people were able to concentrate with greater ease. See the results below prove performance.H10 meeting room

Particles of 0.3 to 0.5 micron diameter are measured because they can penetrate deep into the lungs when inhaled because of their small size. Continue reading

1 Euston Square, London – Air Quality Case Study

CamfilThis case study looks at the air quality being experienced on a daily basis in London by people working and travelling about london.

It looks at how a combination of a standalone CamCleaner City air purifier, effective air filtration and a well-sealed building envelope can deliver clean, healthy, Indoor Air Quality.

In general terms the main health hazard comes from exposure to traffic pollution. Fine combustion particles and gases in a toxic mix that can be inhaled by people and are classed as a Group1 (highest level) carcinogen by the World Health Organisation.

No: 1 Euston Square is close to Euston station which is good for business and transport links of all types. Unfortunately transport such as trains buses and taxis produce this air pollution.

There are other outside sources such as the much publicised recent southern UK air pollution incident involving desert dust and also volcanic events causing disruption to air transport because of airborne particles.

Clearly these fine particles can sometimes travel in concentrated plumes over long distances and stay airborne almost indefinitely.

This also applies to traffic air pollution particles and gases that can stay in the air and react producing chemical smog.

CamCleaner results

The results in graph 1 show the particulate air pollution level was measured at in the range 0.3 to 0.5 microns Dia. which is a particle size range that can easily make deep lung penetration and cause health problems.

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