Camfil proudly supports the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign

Camfil UK is delighted to join the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign to demonstrate the provenance of our award winning filtration products.

Made in Britain

Research suggests that consumers seek to support UK manufacturers and buy British products however it is sometimes unclear as to the origin of the products they buy. The recently re-launched ‘Made in Britain’ campaign is a verification marque that UK manufacturers can achieve and use to substantiate their commitment to manufacturing products in the UK.

The campaign is a member-funded initiative which supports the Great British manufacturing sector in the UK and overseas.

The ‘Made in Britain’ marque will provide our customers with the confidence that our products have been British Manufactured which also demonstrates the Camfil’s contribution to supporting Britain’s position as the design centre of the world.

The initiative is run by a committee of Directors from UK-based manufacturers and leaders of other groups supporting British trade and industry. To find out more about the campaign, click here.

Camfil is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air filtration solutions, supplying products to users of AHUs in commercial and industrial buildings including hospitals, retail and offices, schools, universities and museums.

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Taxi drivers support clean air campaign in London

The Licenced Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) has agreed to support the Clean Air in London campaign to build public understanding of air pollution.

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The LTDA has agreed to commit resources to the campaign broadly equivalent to sponsorship monies rather than paying CAL.  The campaign is expected to include:

  • The LTDA making reasonable efforts to build public understanding of air pollution among its members and the general public.  This may include for example:
  • showing its support for ‘Clean Air in London’ on LTDA taxi receipts;
  • including information on LTDA receipts and other communication channels to build public understanding about air pollution;
  • promoting the free CityAir and/or London Air apps, which provide smog warnings and other information and advice, and the Clean Air in Cities app which reports the health impact on populations of long-term exposure to air pollution.
  • CAL writing two articles a year for ‘Taxi’ the official publication of the LTDA.

CAL and the LTDA are both concerned about the health impact of ‘invisible’ air pollution on Londoners – not least those exposed to the highest levels of air pollution on its roads – and want to see bold and early action.  CAL and the LTDA share many common aims including wanting:

  • more ranks for taxis;
  • rapid charging at ranks and specific stands which would allow taxis to be electrically charged within 30 or 40 minutes rather than eight hours;
  • more choice for taxi drivers in the vehicles they can buy;
  • sound transport policies backed by the real-world testing of vehicle emissions;
  • financial mechanisms to support drivers in purchasing new greener taxis e.g. structural funding and no VAT on purchases of ‘green’ taxis; and
  • smog warnings to protect people and reduce traffic when air pollution is at its worst.

In recognition of the above, the LTDA is becoming CAL’s first Bronze Sponsor.

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Hot off the press – AirMail from Camfil

We have recently taken hold of the latest issue of AirMail, our world-wide publication for Camfil customers. Inside this issue, we hear from the new President and CEO of Camfil, Magnus Yngen who welcomes us to this issue of AirMail. We hope you like it.

 Hot off the press – AirMail from Camfil

Download Camfil AirMail here

In this issue we are making a landing in the world of molecular filtration – one of several clean air solutions offered by Camfil globally. We are highlighting molecular filtration in light of the growing awareness of poor indoor air quality, especially the presence of gas molecules and their impact on human health. The latest issue of AirMail includes: Continue reading