From the Archives – Indoor air quality the effect on health and productivity [SLIDESHARE]

We are featuring the best of our most popular content from the archives. Please share and comment! We would appreciate your feedback. This Presentation is on the subject of Indoor Air Quality and the effect on Energy Consumption Health and Productivity.
The presentation covers exposure to air pollution, the cost of air pollution on productivity in the workplace, how that projects itself indoors and the health impact on our lives.

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Molecular filtration – challenges and opportunities

Post written by Dr Chris Ecob, Global Business Manager for Molecular Filtration, Camfil Group:

Molecular filtration

The leading organisation responsible for cataloguing chemicals – the CAS Registry (Chemical Abstract Service) – has more than 73 million unique chemicals in their database and is adding new items at the rate of 15,000 every day. Many of these chemicals never pre-existed in nature and have been created by man in the industrial era. Some chemicals only exist as gases in the air.

However, all chemicals, including those that are normally liquids or solids, have to varying degrees the ability to evaporate and become airborne in their molecular form. It is an inescapable fact therefore that all around the globe, there are more chemicals in the air than ever before.

Categorising molecules by impact

Airborne molecules may be categorised according to their impact on humans and our world. Responsibility for smell or odour is perhaps the most obvious.

The receptor cells in the nose and the human brain are capable of detecting and characterising many different odour types. Some molecules are classified as irritants. In addition to creating an odour response, they stimulate an involuntary and negative reaction from the body. The classic example is activation of the tear ducts when chopping onions. Continue reading

Hot off the press – AirMail from Camfil

We have recently taken hold of the latest issue of AirMail, our world-wide publication for Camfil customers. Inside this issue, we hear from the new President and CEO of Camfil, Magnus Yngen who welcomes us to this issue of AirMail. We hope you like it.

 Hot off the press – AirMail from Camfil

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In this issue we are making a landing in the world of molecular filtration – one of several clean air solutions offered by Camfil globally. We are highlighting molecular filtration in light of the growing awareness of poor indoor air quality, especially the presence of gas molecules and their impact on human health. The latest issue of AirMail includes: Continue reading