Over 1000 UK schools require air filtration to combat deadly pollution according to EAC

Environmental Audit Committee has launched the Action on air quality report which states that new schools and hospitals must not be built next to major roads to help reduce the tens of thousands of deaths currently being caused by nitrogen dioxide and particulate pollution every year in our cities.

air pollution in schoolsAccording to the EAC report, all new schools, care homes and hospitals should not be built near to major road intersections or other pollution hotspots. Schools should have adequate public transport links to reduce the need for car journeys and be easily reached by cycling or walking from the surrounding community. This would encourage “active travel”.

The report also states over 1000 existing schools could be fitted with air filtration systems where necessary if they are sited in pollution hotspots.

Clean Air London’ (CAL) has campaigned for more than three years to build public understanding of indoor air quality with sponsorship and support from Camfil UK.

Simon Birkett of campaigning body ‘Clean Air London’ is particularly pleased to see the importance of indoor air quality highlighted in the Environmental Agency Committee (EAC) report as European’s spend 90% of their time indoors on average and it is possible to reduce air pollution indoors by up to 90%.

Schools, hospitals, care homes and other buildings may have any, all or none of mechanical ventilation, air conditioning or air filtration. All non-residential buildings should comply with British and European standards EN13779 and EN779:2012 for air filtration. Continue reading

Camfil recognised by Johnson Controls for a Supplier Leadership Award

Camfil is amongst global suppliers who were recognized for excellence in leadership by Johnson Controls at the 2014 Supplier Excellence Awards.

JOHNSONEarlier this month, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, suppliers to Johnson Controls were recognized for their commitment to quality, delivery of service, cost savings and leadership in their fields.

Eleven suppliers were judged to be the best of the best for their services, products and leadership in helping Johnson Controls exceed its customers’ increasing expectations.

Alex Molinaroli, chairman and chief executive officer of Johnson Controls, said:

Partnerships with our suppliers are critical for the long-term growth and success of Johnson Controls and these companies deliver day in and day out on their commitments to support our strategy to be a market leader in the industries we serve.”

The Supplier Leadership Award, honoured suppliers for their contributions in the areas of Johnson Control’s values and objectives including innovation, sustainability, continuous improvement, global growth, customer satisfaction, shareholder value and quality. The recipients of the award were: Continue reading

Schools fail indoor air quality tests

Earlier this month, Camfil’s Air Quality and Building Energy Expert, Peter Dyment presented at the Education Estates Conference at Manchester Central. Education Estates is a two-day exhibition and conference which brings together the education sector from primary schools to Universities as well as experts in design, construction, project management, engineering and energy efficiency to share best practice and learn from each other.

Peter’s presentation “Indoor Air Quality for School Buildings” discussed the importance of clean air in schools and demonstrated that clean indoor air quality improves learning.

To view the full presentation, click here:

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