The Solution to Pollutants

The Camfil Group is a world leader in the development and production of air filters and clean air solutions. We manufacture and supply products that satisfy all the demands at airports to control particulate and molecular pollutants. These products also satisfy the recommendations of EN13779.

The European standard EN 13779:2007 focuses on achieving a comfortable and healthy indoor environment in all seasons with acceptable installation and running costs. It is now a national standard in all countries. It specifies the required filter performance in a system to achieve good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) taking into consideration the outdoor air.

The Solution to PollutantsVarious solutions are available depending on the extent of the pollution problem. Molecular filtration may be applied in either the fresh air make-up or recirculation air systems.

Solutions for makeup air are preferred since the principal sources of pollutant are external. These tend to be more heavy duty and reflect the high pollutant concentrations and one-pass operation. Solutions for recirculation applications reflect lower ambient concentrations and multi-pass operation. Continue reading

Misconceptions about air pollution – Air quality is better than it was

Founder & Director of Clean Air London, Simon Birkett recently wrote an article for Environmental Health News on the Misconceptions about air pollution.

The piece contains a series of cartoons which the campaign group Clean Air in London commissioned to address the capital’s environmental challenges. Beautifully crafted by Andy Davey (@DaveyCartoons), the cartoons address matters such as London smog, wood burning, the tube, cycling and taxis.

The first misconception mentioned within the article ’12 Misconceptions about air pollution’  is that ‘air quality is better than it was’.

Air quality is better than it wasThe Facts:
Visible coal smoke disappeared after the Clean Air Act and has been replaced by diesel exhaust and other largely invisible particles and gases. During this time, the certainty and scale of the health effects of air pollution have rocketed upwards while public understanding has remained where it was 30 years ago for smoking. To find out more, click here.

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Filtering Energy Costs in Food Processing – Campden BRI

A keen interest in clean air to reduce Food and Beverage contamination.

Campden BRICamfil received an invitation from Dr.Craig Leadley to make presentations at two Camden BRI site events for the food industry on the importance attached to clean air in food manufacture and the energy and running cost savings that can be made by air filtration in process air plant.

The second presentation was given by Peter Dyment and entitled  “Food Industry – Airborne Contamination and Energy use in ventilation systems”. The slides are available and followed on from a previous presentation given by him entitled “Air as a vector of cross-contamination”.

The open forum discussion session afterwards was attended by a large number of food industry experts . The topics of energy reduction, contamination prevention, detection, control and Air handling systems were amongst the most popular for further discussion.

Part of the presentation material covered the Prosafe range of Camfil filters which has been developed especially for more exacting requirements in the food, beverage and Life Science industries.


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