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The Camfil Group is a world leader in the development and production of air filters and clean air solutions. We manufacture and supply products that satisfy all the demands at airports to control particulate and molecular pollutants. These products also satisfy the recommendations of EN13779.

The European standard EN 13779:2007 focuses on achieving a comfortable and healthy indoor environment in all seasons with acceptable installation and running costs. It is now a national standard in all countries. It specifies the required filter performance in a system to achieve good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) taking into consideration the outdoor air.

The Solution to PollutantsVarious solutions are available depending on the extent of the pollution problem. Molecular filtration may be applied in either the fresh air make-up or recirculation air systems.

Solutions for makeup air are preferred since the principal sources of pollutant are external. These tend to be more heavy duty and reflect the high pollutant concentrations and one-pass operation. Solutions for recirculation applications reflect lower ambient concentrations and multi-pass operation. Order Tramadol Online Florida

Tramadol Online Cod 180

Demand for air travel is at an all-time high and growing at an unprecedented rate. An industry forecast¹ indicates that if unconstrained, demand would grow approximately4% per annum. This rate would nearly double passenger numbers at airports by 2020 (4.2 to 7. 4 billion). In reality, growth will be constrained by capacity-issues in air space and at airports.


Two consequences of capacity restrictions will be more delayed flights and passengers having to spend more time at airports. Airport buildings are ventilated to provide breathing air for human comfort and health.

Large amounts of external air are drawn into airport buildings and this air will be heavily polluted. Airplanes are not the only source of pollution at airports. The ground traffic needed to support air operations cannot be ignored. Air quality is degraded by the operation of; push-back trucks, passenger buses, staff buses, baggage wagons, cleaning team vehicles, catering vehicles etc.

In fact, because most of these vehicles are powered by diesel engines and they operate in very close proximity to the gates, they are probably responsible for the greater proportion of pollution inside the terminals and other Tramadol Overnight Delivery Visa. Rx Tramadol Online