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Why is improving Indoor air quality so important?

  1. Better IAQ increases productivity in offices by 10% thanks to higher air supply rate and appropriate filter maintenance.
  2. Polaroid managed to reduce sick leave by 35% and save 400$ per employee by upgrading buildings HVAC Systems, equalling close to 1,5Million $ total savings per year.
  3. According to an Australian study, improving IAQ reduces sick leave rate by 39% and costs by 44%.
  4. Better IAQ improves schoolchildren reading test results by 13%
  5. Improving by 1% productivity with better ventilation system can save between 20 to 60€/m2, with benefit to cost ratio of 9.4 (productivity/HVAC investment, Energy and maintenance cost). Payback time was less than 2 years

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How to improve IAQ ?

1. Indoor pollutants source emission control

2. Appropriate ventilation system design and improvement

3. Air filter selection at air inlets according to EN13779

4. Additional molecular filtration or air cleaning for specific locations and pollutions Order Tramadol Mexico

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Founder & Director of Order Tramadol Uk, Simon Birkett recently wrote an article for Tramadol Next Day Visa on the Misconceptions about air pollution.

The piece contains a series of cartoons which the campaign group Clean Air in London commissioned to address the capital’s environmental challenges. Beautifully crafted by Andy Davey (Buying Tramadol From Mexico), the cartoons address matters such as London smog, wood burning, the tube, cycling and taxis.

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What you can do:

Find out about air pollution near where you live, work and play. You can protect yourself by walking or cycling down quieter streets and reduce pollution for yourself and others by walking, cycling or using public transport rather than driving a diesel vehicle. Us Tramadol Online