Camfil air filters reduced air pollution by up to 93% during worst smog episode

clean-air-logoArticle by Simon Birkett. Founder and Director, Clean Air in London.

On 18th March, the daily mean outdoor particle air pollution (PM2.5) hit 346 mg/m3 , nearly 14 times the World Health Organisation guideline.

Five air filter combinations were tested by Camfil. Additional standalone air filter units within an office can reduce office-generated pollutants and emissions e.g. volatile organic compounds

Camfil has sponsored Clean Air in London’s campaign to build public understanding of indoor air quality since 2011.

IAQ reportCamfil’s international testing team analysed air pollution in London between 16 and 20 March 2015.

They monitored ambient, or outdoor, air pollution and indoor air quality in Montague Place in central London and tested one or two air filter combinations each day in the office’s air handling unit. Camfil’s report can be downloaded here: Camfil IAQ London report

Camfil’s monitoring coincided with the worst air pollution episode so far this year.

On Wednesday 18 March, Camfil recorded a daily mean for fine particles (PM2.5) in outdoor air of 346 micrograms per cubic metre (mg/m3) which is nearly 14 times the World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline. They also recorded between 300,000,000 and 400,000,000 particles per cubic metre with a diameter between 0.3 microns (mm) and 0.5 mm. Continue reading

HSE launches new workplace health expert committee

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has appointed a new committee to provide independent expert knowledge and advice on workplace health.

workplace health

The workplace health expert committee (WHEC) will be made up of nine members who will provide expert opinion on emerging issues and trends, new evidence relating to existing issues and, on the quality and relevance of the evidence base on workplace health issues.

Working under the leadership of an independent expert Chair, the WHEC will provide scientific and medical advice to HSE’s Chief Scientific Advisor and Director of Research Professor Andrew Curran and to HSE’s Board. Continue reading

UK schools to be shut over air quality fears

A recent article in the Sunday Times by their Environment Editor Jonathan Leake has once again raised the issue over the need for nitrogen dioxide filtration in school ventilation systems.

clean air in schools

The article centres on two schools in South Yorkshire, the first schools that are due to be shut because of dangerous levels of air pollution. The roads around the two schools are generating so much nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and other dangerous particulates, that the local council has deemed the building a threat to the children’s health.

Sheffield City Council plan to relocate the schools from their current sites, next to the M1 Motorway, to a new site with less air pollution and noise. The health effects of air pollution have been a regular feature in the UK media since the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated last year that air pollution is the single biggest environmental health risk. Continue reading