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At Camfil we believe that clean air is a human right. We believe it is vital to increase public awareness of air pollution and put Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on the political agenda. clean air act


As many as 80,000 people in the UK are dying each year, due to poor air quality. Many more are affected by air pollution are suffering serious health consequences. Sign this petition to ask the government to take action and commit to an updated Clean Air Act, and ensure the UK public are breathing safe, clean air.

Air pollution causes more premature deaths in the UK than obesity, alcoholism and road traffic accidents combined. The transport industry is failing to act responsibly, and it’s time for regulations to be put in place to ensure pollution levels are lowered. Local councils need support from central government to make real changes. A new Clean Air Act could lower pollution levels through nation-wide implementation of tariffs, penalties, common standards and low emission zones.

Despite the extent of this growing problem, it remains overlooked. Sign and let the government know that we expect them to take action to make our country’s air safely breathable for everyone.

At Camfil, we believe it is vital to increase public awareness of air pollution and put Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on the political agenda. For this reason we have invested in an IAQ Road Show, a unique 13-metre-long travelling exhibition with lab stations that show you what you are actually breathing at your place of residence or work.

This rolling exhibition also tells you how you can keep polluted city air from penetrating indoor spaces. You can learn about the filters you need to accomplish this and how effective air filtration improves human health and has important economic and environmental benefits.

Today, air pollution is a global problem that varies from location to location. However, since air pollution is believed to have negative effects on human health on a long-term basis, there is a tendency to put off the problem until the future. This is unfortunate, considering that air pollution is estimated to kill approximately 2 million* people each year.

Our vision is just as clear as the air we filter: clean air is a human right. This is why we urge you to see our IAQ Road Show when we visit London in June 2016. Until then, we recommend that you continue your virtual visit. You will definitely find it worthwhile.

*Source: World Health Organisation (WHO)

The Camfil Roadshow will be in London in June 2016.

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