ProSafe – air filters for sensitive processes

“Clean air is an essential ingredient”

Some production processes are so sensitive that the surrounding air and what it contains must be monitored and controlled. This is the case in industries like food and beverage and life science, where products need to be protected from undesirable particles. The choice of high-quality air filters then becomes a critical decision.

ProSafe filters

Our range of ProSafe air filters is designed to comply with strict industry demands for safety, traceability and control. Tested and developed according to precise specifications, ProSafe filters are manufactured with materials that will not contaminate delicate production processes.

The ProSafe series offers reliability for manufacturers that cannot afford to take chances. While life science industries require filters to be resistant against decontamination agents, food and beverage industries need components that are certified for food contact according to European standard EC1935:2004.

It is also vital for both industries that the materials are inert against microbial growth to comply with ISO 846, but at the same time, they must be free of any harmful chemical components like bisphenol-A, formaldehyde or phthalates.

The ProSafe seal now merges all these demands within one complete range of filter products.

Visit to take a closer look at the members of our ProSafe family: Hi-Flo ProSafe, Opakfil ProSafe, Hi-Cap ProSafe, Absolute V ProSafe and Megalam.
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