Improving the air quality for Asthma sufferers

In 2013, data released jointly by the Epidemiology And Allergic and Respiratory Diseases (EPAR) Department from Sorbonne University and the Institut National de le Santé et de la Recherche-Médicale (INSERM), both based in Paris, indicated that air pollution may cause new cases of asthma.

They also specify that evidence from toxicological studies, together with information from genes associated with asthma, suggest the link between air pollution and asthma is biologically plausible.

The findings revealed that an average of 1 in 7 children living within 75 metres of a busy road, are likely to develop asthma. In areas with the heaviest air pollution, 1 in 4 children could potentially develop asthma.

AsthmaClient: Bateman Family
Location: Manchester
Date: March 2014
Sector: Domestic

About the project:

Camfil were approached by a family in Manchester whose daughter suffers from asthma and was having to take a substantial amount of time off from school as she was having asthma attacks in the night which made it difficult to get a full night¹s sleep.

They had been recommended the CamCleaner 300 for use within their daughter’s bedroom as a means to clean the air to enable her to breathe more easily throughout the night.CamCleaner 300



They started to use the CamCleaner 300 and within a few weeks their daughter was sleeping better, felt generally healthier and was taking less time off from school.

She has subsequently suffered fewer asthma attacks during the night and she was noticeably more alert during the day at school enabling her to be more productive.

Outdoor levels of air pollutants continue to aggravate asthma in sufferers despite industrial air pollution generally decreasing.

Indoor air pollution is caused by unvented gas heaters, tobacco use, solvents, painting adhesives and other similar materials. Indoor air pollution is increasing, and with individuals spending on average almost 90 per cent of their time inside, this is also cause for concern.

The CamCleaner range of products can be used to clean the air and reduce harmful indoor air pollutants.

To improve the indoor air quality within your home or workplace, or to find out more about the CamCleaner range of products, email or call 01706 238000

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