Camfil and Road Show Trailer win major Swedish award for educating people and politicians about poor IAQ

Camfil UK, the world leader in providing air filtration solutions for maintaining healthy and comfortable indoor environments, has won an award for education people and politicians about poor indoor air quality .

Caption: From left to right: Lars Ekberg, Jury Chairman, Jan Anderson, Marketing Manager Camfil Sweden and member of the Swedish Parliament Jan Lindholm (MP/Green Party), who handed out the award.

Camfil’s Road Show Trailer has won the prominent Swedish award called “Stora Inneklimatpriset”*. Camfil’s Swedish subsidiary, Camfil Svenska AB, is the recipient of the prize, which is given to Swedish companies or organizations that have developed a valuable commercial product or service in the indoor climate/IAQ field, energy technology and HVAC industry. Camfil was one of five nominees for the award.

Camfil’s Road Show Trailer is a mobile indoor air quality (IAQ) laboratory and exhibition to promote awareness about the importance of good IAQ and the dangers of air pollution for human health. Since it was launched in 2011, the trailer has toured in 15 countries in Northern, Central and Southern Europe.

The prize jury issued the following statement to motivate why Camfil won the award:

The jury has selected Camfil Svenska AB as the winner because the company has taken an innovative approach to increase interest in – and spread knowledge about –an urgent problem area. During the past few years, a number of reports in the field of environmental medicine have pointed out that fine airborne particles can have serious consequences for human health. For example, exhaust fumes from traffic, especially from vehicles with diesel engines, contain a large number of fine particles. Because we spend a large part of our time indoors, effective filtration of the air – before it is supplied to the indoor environment – considerably reduces the population’s overall exposure to dangerous particles.

“Camfil may not be the only company that supplies good air filters, but they have taken a unique approach to a problem area with their Road Show Trailer – a rolling air quality laboratory. The trailer is used to clearly demonstrate how filters function, point out the differences between filter classes and, not least important, explain the consequences of filter choices for the energy consumption of air handling units and ventilation systems. Camfil is actively striving to disseminate knowledge among politicians and decision-makers. This transfer of professional knowledge is benefitting the ventilation industry as a whole and contributing to our possibilities for creating healthier indoor environments. Camfil is a worthy recipient of the 2012 prize.”

“Camfil is very pleased to receive this prestigious prize in our home country of Sweden, which recognizes our efforts to educate the general public and policymakers about the importance of maintaining good air quality through effective filtration and selecting the right filters to reduce the power consumption of ventilation systems,” says Erik Markman, Vice President for Communication, Camfil Group.

“It is important to keep in mind that polluted outdoor air penetrates interiors through ventilation systems operating without effective filters, where it mixes with other indoor pollutants and can involve greater health risks for the young, elderly and chronically ill, especially in city environments. But further action will be needed – through policies, stricter compliance, continuing measures to reduce pollution, education and use of the right filtration technology – before people can breathe cleaner air and enjoy a healthier life. Through our Road Show Trailer and other initiatives, we aim to explain how differences in filters impact a building’s energy consumption, and how differences in filters also make a difference for the air occupants breathe,” he ends.

* The prize was established in 2001 by the web portal Slussen Building Services in cooperation with three professional trade organizations in the Swedish heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries. The purpose of the award is to build interest in issues concerning indoor climate technology.



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