Boris gets a wheeze on poor London Air Quality

Article by Peter Dyment, Energy Consultant, Camfil Farr

Indoor Air Quality and PollutionBoris Johnson the London Mayor should reconsider whether spraying glue on the ground near to London Air Quality monitoring sites is an effective way of reducing air pollution and a good use of public money.

It is good to see that he is taking any action to respond to the public health hazard of the respirable fine combustion particles found in PM10.  At least there is a tacit acknowledgement from government that there is a public health problem judging by these actions.

Camfil Farr Indoor Air Quality Image pollutionSource: WHO

These diagrams show why this is not good use of resources if the London authorities are genuinely trying to protect peoples lung health from damage by inhaling fine combustion particulate.

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Camfil Farr, the world’s leading provider of sustainable air filters and clean air solutions has just released the new CREO (Clean Room design & Energy Optimisation) manual.

The CREO manual outlines the basic theories and calculations for the new software while also providing valuable historic and current information on clean room standards and guidelines commonly utilized in the Life Science & Microelectronic industries.

Another industry first — The CREO software is essentially a marriage of Camfil Farr’s well known and frequently used LCC (Life Cycle Cost) Green software along with its clean room design software. The two software programs combine to make a robust planning tool that identifies the best air filter options to optimise clean room filtration and energy consumption. Taking into account the latest international industry norms, the tool also generates complete filter and hardware specifications in a simple, easy-to-use format. The software is ideally suited for companies and end users who operate clean rooms in order to optimise their air filtration needs.

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Another industry first for us here at Camfil Farr, we have developed new Clean Room Design & Energy Optimisation software. We have produced a manual giving the theory behind the calculations and updated standards information for the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences & Microelectronic Industries.

Camfil Farr CREO Clean Room Design Standards and Energy Optimisation

Download Camfil Farr Clean Room Design & Energy Optimisation Software Manual

Clean rooms today are high technology solutions with high or very high demands on the air cleanliness level. Not only particulate matter but also airborne molecular contaminants (AMC) are addressed in more and more applications. Therefore it is important to estimate the level of air cleanliness in the cases of new production of, or reconstruction of a clean room.

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