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One thought on “Simon Birkett Campaign for Clean Air London

  1. the Ventilation Hygiene Branch of the B and ES are campaigning against the HSE ruling that a kitchen cooking canopy extract ventilation system is not an LEV.

    Given the evidence from several studies in Scandinavia and USA showing clear links between the particulate matter produced during cooking (particularly meats over grilles) with cancer and respiratory disorders and the known levels of heavy soiling by grease in these extraction systems, it seems that the HSE is choosing to ignore this problems. It probably believes that as there are no Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) then there is not a problems to be addressed.
    As with Asbestos and Coal dusts, these pollutants were not identified as health hazards until relatively recently. How may Chefs, and kitchen staff have died from cancer or lung disorders as a result of working in a kitchen and being exposed to these pollutants? Who knows? and who cares?

    Time to comment and join with the B and ES in a campaign to recognise this problem and get the HSE to act.

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