Why Air Quality is important in the workplace – A Facilities Managers guide

Building Facilities Managers need to maintain the Indoor Air Quality of their internal office areas for many reasons. Commercial buildings and offices are usually in a competitive leasing market and the tenant company occupying a building is often prepared to pay a premium rental for a building with good consistent Indoor Air Quality serving the work areas. This company will then know that its staff will be less hindered by illness and can work to maximum capability and efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality FM guideConversely fluctuating temperatures and humidity or airborne pollution can lead to poor Indoor Air Quality. These problems can mean the Sick Building Syndrome status is attributed to a building which may reduce its marketability and rental value.

Another important reason for maintaining clean indoor Air Quality is to preserve the décor and fabric of the building. Refurbishment costs to refit and decorate buildings internally are extremely expensive.  Therefore Facilities managers are keen to ensure their maintenance engineers make the Air Conditioning and Ventilation plant deliver clean Indoor Air Quality. The best guidance technical standard is EN13779:2007 and that advises minimum filter class F7 and advises F7 for best clean air quality. Using Low Energy Air Filters will deliver consistent long life performance while using the minimum amount of energy.

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Why Indoor Air Quality is important in the Office – An Office Workers guide

A large proportion of people here in the UK work in an office environment. Many of us carry out our work in home based offices these days and others in large commercial office blocks usually sited in our major towns and cities. Indoor Air Quality can greatly affect our work performance and general health.

 Indoor Air Quality in Offices

We all like to assume that the air we breathe in our offices is clean and free from all air pollution but it is hard to make that assumption any more. We all need to travel, eat, drink and use other vital goods and services. Heating lighting and air conditioning in buildings all use energy. All these activities and requirements usually involve burning of gas oil and other fossil fuels. This burning or combustion produces air pollution in fine particle and gas form that is toxic to people.

We all need protection from this invisible toxic air pollution that we unknowingly inhale into our lungs. As it is not practical to wear a face mask all day and city centre air pollution is set to continue at high levels, what can be done?

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How much do you know about energy use in your buildings? 2 minute survey

We need your help! – We have launched a national survey exploring general awareness and understanding of energy use in commercial buildings and energy management in the workplace.

The survey can be taken here:

The Camfil UK – Energy Management Survey 2012

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