Indoor Air Quality – Crisis can be avoided by simply improving your workplace filtration

Attention asthma and allergy sufferers,

Make your voice heard in the workplace!

Indoor Air Quality Issues - Asthma


  • Every 17 minutes a child is admitted to hospital because of asthma
  • 5.4 million people in Britain suffer from asthma
  • 4.3 million adults and 1.1m children
  • There are 1100 deaths from asthma in the UK a year (3 deaths every day)
  • The NHS spends about £1 billion a year on asthma
  • 25% of the population in Britain suffer from hayfever
  • 1/3rd of children say that their asthma means they are left out of sports at school


 More than 1 million working days are lost each year due to breathing or lung problems

 Source:  Asthma UK and Allergy UK


  • We spend approx 90% of our time indoors.
  • The indoor air quality in the workplace is not up to current Eurovent guidelines
  • The most damaging particles PM 2.5 are penetrating Air handling systems in commercial and public buildings.
  • The human body has difficult rejecting these particles and consequently this is primary cause of premature life expectancy and accounts for 26,000 deaths per year



We have a new minimum standard of filtration EN779:2012 endorsed by EUROVENT which stipulates the minimum filtration efficiency and most buildings need to upgrade their installed air filtration stock.  Recommended Best Practice EN13779:2007 is where the workplace needs to be to protect human health.

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