Camfil Farr’s position on Ecodesign directive on EUP – Lot 6 Air conditioning and ventilation systems

Camfil Farr believes that ventilation systems have a strong potential for energy savings and welcome the work accomplished by the European Commission towards the development of ecodesign requirements for air conditioning and ventilation systems – lot 6.

Further harmonisation of ventilation standards in buildings and the development of common standards is an important step towards improved energy efficiency and provides the ventilation industry with more certainty and incentives for investment and innovation. In this context, Camfil Farr would like to share some comments and recommendations on the draft report on ecodesign measures for lot 6.

Camfil Farr strongly supports the fact that the better integration of indoor air quality in the development of energy efficiency policies for buildings and products is highly valuable to achieve EU policy objectives in terms of savings. However, the current sole focus on increased insulation of buildings and the overall priority on energy saving opportunities without taking its side effects into account could potentially compromise the health of building occupants. Continue reading

City-Flo XL – Keep the city out

A completely new combination filter

Our new air filter, City-Flo XL, is a new IAQ filter developed to upgrade indoor air quality according to the European standard EN13779:2007. It cleans air of both particles and molecules.

Because the filter contains activated carbon, it also removes odours and aromas that ordinary air filters miss. The filter has been specially developed for buildings in urban environments and is extraordinarily effective against exhaust fumes and smells.

Download more information here.


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